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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on the SCALESWEEPER unit?

Field Controls warrants that the SCALESWEEPER shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for 10 years. Please register your SCALESWEEPER on the Warranty Registration page to activate warranty coverage.

Why are my glasses not sparkling clean out of the dishwasher?

Customers have told us best results are achieved using Cascade Complete Actionpacs and Rinse Aid in conjunction with SCALESWEEPER.

Is the performance of the SCALESWEEPER affected by the direction of the water flow?


Where, physically, do I install the SCALESWEEPER?

On the main incoming water line before it splits to the water heater or other pipe branches; preferably indoors. If you must install the unit outside, make sure you mount the SCALESWEEPER in a waterproof enclosure.

Can the SCALESWEEPER be mounted vertically?

Yes. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, even diagonally. It is not affected by orientation.

Can the SCALESWEEPER be used on plastic pipe?

Yes. The SCALESWEEPER can be used effectively on any type of water pipe; galvanized, copper or plastic.

Does the SCALESWEEPER need to be installed on the pipe?

No. If the unit cannot be installed directly on the pipe, then we suggest mounting the unit on the wall and wrapping the antennae around the pipe. All that needs to touch the pipe is the antennae. Be sure to obtain the minimum of seven wraps per antenna.

When I move, can I take the SCALESWEEPER with me?

Yes. Since there is no plumbing involved with the installation of the SCALESWEEPER, removal is as easy as unwrapping the antennae and unplugging the unit.

Will the SCALESWEEPER reduce the amount of calcium in my water?

No. The SCALESWEEPER does not add or take away anything from your water. If you perform a water hardness test, you will notice no change in the calcium content (hardness).

Is the SCALESWEEPER effective in extremely hard water conditions?

The SCALESWEEPER works effectively in water with hardness as high as 25 grains or 425 ppm. If your water is harder than this, we recommend and iron test. If the iron content is more than .30 ppm, an iron filter installed prior to SCALESWEEPER is required. If the iron levels are low, the SCALESWEEPER will perform at levels well above 425 ppm. Our experience is that in situations where the water hardness is above 425 ppm there is usually an iron problem.

Will the SCALESWEEPER affect my water pressure?

Many customers have noticed a substantial improvement in water flow due to the de-scaling effect of the plumbing system. This is especially true with customers who have well pumps, where pressure changes are more significant and noticeable.

Does the SCALESWEEPER affect iron particles in water?

No. If iron content is high enough (above .30 ppm), then an iron filter is recommended prior to the SCALESWEEPER.

How much does it cost to operate the SCALESWEEPER?

The unit costs less than $10 in electricity annually, about the same as leaving a night light on.

The lights on the front of the unit flash at random speeds. Is this normal?


Should I install SCALESWEEPER before or after my water softener?

The SCALESWEEPER should be installed after the water softener when possible.

How long a stretch of pipe is required to install SCALESWEEPER and antennae?

12 inches.