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Preventing Lime Scale Buildup

Removing limescale from appliances is time consuming. Preventing lime scale buildup is the solution. Since limescale builds up because of hard water you need a hard water solution that not only prevents hard water scale buildup but also removes lime scale.

Water Softener Options

Water softeners work by bonding together the elements that make water hard. The downside of water softeners is they require salt to work and the salt is deposited into the water used for drinking, cleaning and bathing. People on salt restricted diets should be aware of this before consuming water softened by a water softener. Water softeners use a lot of water during recycling/purging cycle and use large quantities of salt. Requires manual maintenance for refilling. Water softeners can be expensive to purchase and maintain, require a lot of regular maintenance and are not that environmentally friendly.

Electronic Water Descaler Solutions

A water softener alternative such an electronic water descaler or an electronic water conditioner is an economical way to fix hard water problems. Plus it is environmentally friendly. Scalesweeper is a salt free electronic water conditioner that can be easily installed on the incoming water pipe of your home. If you already have scale buildup, Scalesweeper is an effective hard water scale remover. It works to both remove and prevent lime scale.

What’s the right hard water scale solution? Scalesweeper is effective and economical to remove and prevent hard water scale. It requires no chemicals or salt, requires no plumbing skills to install, and is maintenance free.