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How An Electronic Water Conditioner and Electronic Descaler Work

An electronic water conditioner or electronic descaler, like Scalesweeper, does not use chemicals or salt to treat hard water. Scalesweeper attacks hard water particles with electro-magnetic waves. These electronic waves treat the water as is comes into the home so the entire plumbing system and appliances are protected from hard water problems. Electronic hardwater conditioners prevent scale deposits from forming and allows remaining scale to break down.

When it comes to hard water treatment systems, an electronic water conditioner, like Scalesweeper, is simple and easy. Not only is Scalesweeper proven to be effective in pipe scale removal and prevention, but it is safe, friendly to the environment, easy to install and requires no ongoing maintenance.

The microprocessor technology in electronic descalers and electronic hard water conditioners generate a series of electromagnetic waves that excite calcium and magnesium molecules. These excited molecules remain in suspension, keeping them from bonding to each other or to pipes, fixtures, appliances or any other surface that comes into contact with the water. ScaleSweeper treated water helps dissolve preexisting scale throughout your home’s plumbing system and appliances. ScaleSweeper protects against scale buildup and scale corrosion 24/7 and works on galvanized, copper or plastic piping.

If you are researching effective hard water treatment options like a an electronic descaler, get Scalesweeper. Scalesweeper is an easy-to-install solution that will handle both lime scale removal and also reduces new scale from forming. Works on any pipe even PEX and PVC. Scalesweeper is designed for very hard water areas and extends the life of your appliances.

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