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Lime Scale Removers


You can buy brand-name liquid limescale remover or try common household item like ordinary vinegar. You can also use lemon juice. All of these liquids are acidic and break down limescale. If you really want to use limescale removers to help stop leaking faucets, you have to take the faucets apart and let the parts soak for the limescale deposits to dissolve. The problem with brand-name limescale removers and home remedy lime scale removers is they don’t prevent scale from coming back. You will need to re-clean the fixtures in a few months. With Scalesweeper you don’t have to soak parts to remove scale; there is no maintenance time.

Why clean lime scale when you can use an electronic water conditioner, like Scalesweeper, to not only remove existing lime scale buildup but prevent hard water scale from forming. Scalesweeper neutralizes hard water particles with electro-magnetic waves. As the water comes into the home, these electronic waves treat the water so the entire plumbing system and appliances are protected from hard water problems.

Limescale is a hard chalky deposit, mainly consisting of calcium carbonate. Limescale often builds up inside faucets, shower heads, hot water heaters and boilers, and pipework, especially pipes and appliances that use hot water. Lime scale is also often found on the inner surfaces of pipes and other surfaces where hard water has evaporated. The color of lime scale varies from off-white through a range of greys and pink or reddish browns, depending on the minerals present in the hard water.