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Water Softener System vs Electronic Water Conditioner

Salt-free electronic water conditioners are not in fact a water softener at all but are hard water conditioners. The difference between a water softening system and a electronic water conditioner is that electronic hard water conditioners will alter hard water minerals, but doesn’t remove them. Electronic hard water conditioners excite the minerals so they don’t stick together or bond to pipes and appliances and are allowed to pass through the plumbing system and appliances.

Electronic hard water conditioners, like Scalesweeper, require no plumbing and no maintenance. Scalesweeper attacks hard water particles with electro-magnetic waves, treating the entire water system and helping prevent and reduce hard water problems. Calcium and magnesium particles tend to stick to each other and any surface they contact, forming layers of hard scale. This scale build-up damages water heater elements and restricts water flow. Scalesweeper neutralizes these particles. Once treated by the Scalesweeper, calcium and magnesium particles remain in suspension, flowing freely through the system and down the drain.

A water softener system can be effective in eliminating hard water minerals. A water softening system uses tanks and salt tablets or salt crystals to remove harmful calcium and magnesium from the water.  A water softening system is expensive and needs frequent maintenance.

What is hard water? The term hard water refers to ground water that contains high levels of minerals like magnesium or calcium. Water softeners are devices designed to reduce the amount or effects of minerals in your home’s water system.

A water softener also waste a lot of water during recycling/purging cycles and use massive amounts of salt. Water softener systems require manual maintenance for refilling the salt. The initial installation cost for a water softner system is a very expensive and  a fair amount of space is needed for the entire system. On the other hand, a water conditioner require no maintenance, offers easy installation, takes up virtually no space, and uses less amount of power as a water softener system.